Ginger orange fire shot


Try this recipe as a great pre or post exercise shot,  alternative to caffeine immune and energy boost!

I love coffee. I’m usually partial to having a cup a day.
Though I do go through phases when coffee just isn’t the right thing for me, on these occasions If i give into having a cup just because I’m looking for that little caffeine boost I’m usually left highly disappointed, It doesn’t even taste as good to me, as though the bitter notes and the caffeine  just don’t agree with my taste buds at those times. I guess the body know’s what the body needs (or doesn’t need) and I try to listen.

So on these occasions ginger is my ultimate boost, it’s zingy and fiery and packed with nutrients it gives me that instant energy hit that I am looking for before or after exercise or around late afternoon when it feels like it should be siesta time.

Ginger is the powerful root of a flowering plant it comes from the same family as turmeric.
Its benefits include treating nausea, boosting the immune system to fight colds and flu’s as well as helping reduce the effects of exercise induced muscle pain. Amazing! Oh and it’s really tasty.

So here is my simple three ingredient recipe for this fiery energy shot.

You will need:

A hand blender or magic bullet.
A sieve


2 grams of ginger (this is the recommended dose per day for reducing muscle pain)
50ml of water
Half an orange (or more to taste)
A pinch of turmeric

Peel the ginger and place it in a glass with the water and blend with the hand blender or bullet.
Strain the ginger juice through the sieve into a glass and squeeze any of the remaining juice out of the pulp.
Squeeze half or a full orange into the glass with the ginger juice.
Sprinkle with turmeric and enjoy!


Rise and spinal stretch

Even when it feels like there is no time-you could probably set aside 2 minutes for some nourishing spinal stretching.

*Handy tip-leave your mat  layed out beside your bed so that you can step right into your 2 minute morning practice.


Balasana-(childs pose) Sit the hips back to the heels, feel the spine lenghthen from tail bone all the way to the neck. Releasing between the shoulder blades.


Marjaiasana (cat pose)-Press the pelvis towards your armpits, engaging the core and lengthening the back of the body.


Bitilasana (cow pose)– Allow the belly to relax towards the ground allowing for a nice even curve in the spine not just squashing your spine at its most flexible point.


Adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog)-Round your outer shoulders towards the ground, hips go high, sitting bones press towards the heels, gaze towards your belly button, and breath into your belly, stay firm but calm.


Kumbhakasana (Plank pose)-keep  the top of your pelvic bones moving forward and your heels reaching back, pressing upwards between the shoulder blades-alternatively come onto hands and knees flat back kneeling position.

Repeat these simple postures 2 to 3 times before breakfast.

Have a beauitiful day!

Clean up your practice!-All natural mat cleaner

Okay, yes there are a lot of natural mat cleaners on the market and yes it’s very convenient to just purchase one item instead of several, however in the long run it works out cheaper  and is more sustainable to make your own.
You can also create your own signature scent by combining your favourite essential oils not to mention that undeniable sense of pride you will get from making it yourself, you can even design your own label if you are so inclined.

You will need;

A dark glass bottle (blue or amber) this is necessary for maintaining the essential properties of your precious essential oils.
Apple cider vinegar- this stuff is absolutely magic
Distilled water
A selection of essential oils.
I recommend as a must have ingredient either tea tree for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties or lavender for its anifungal, antiseptic properties or lemon for its detoxifying, antiseptic properties.

I recommend not mixing more than three essential oils for your recipe. I mostly use only two. Check out this page for some excellent tips on blending


1 1/2 cups water or enough to fill (I use a 500ml bottle, but whatever you have handy is fine)
5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar more if you wish, less if you prefer.
5 drops of tea tree
3 drops of lavendar

Mix all your ingredients into your spray bottle, simple as.

Here are some suggestions of blends that I have tried that I believe go really well together.

Lemon (detoxifying and antiseptic) and Lemon grass (antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, antifungal) This combination is uplifting, refreshing and soothing at the same time.

Tea tree (powerful antiseptic) breath deep when your mat smells this fresh and
peppermint (antiseptic and decongestant)

Lavendar (antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial)and Ylang Ylang (antiseptic, sedative substance) For a relaxing blend, I like to use this in the evenings when I have finished my evening practice and getting ready to wind down for the night.


Please note: I have my beloved manduka eko yoga mat and prior to this I used less well known more economical brand name mats. This mat spray has served me well on all of these mats however you should check out the mat care guides for each specific brand as each is made differently. Jade mats for example recommend not using any oils for the cleaning of their mats.

Intensely orange, Intensely delicious antioxidant Juice

Recently I came down with a little case of food poisoning, my entire body was in immune red alert mode and I felt this through extreme tiredness and muscle pain all over, similar to the feeling of being run over by a small mule. I couldn’t eat anything the next day and so the day after that I decided I needed a real antioxidant fix to get rid of all those free radicals which were still probably flying around the place.
I love carrots, I consider them a super food, super aromatic,super crispy and super loaded with vitamin C the immune boosting vitamin. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in carrots may also help with blood sugar regulation, this is helpful when making juices especially if you are including fruit.
I am also a huge fan of red peppers, not only are they tasty they are also pretty damn impressive on the nutritional scale. Red peppers contain almost 300 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C. This by the way is also essential for absorbing the mineral iron really important for our blood.

Red bell peppers are a great source of vitamin B6 and magnesium. Magnesium has been proven to reduce symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia.
And so the recipe. Unfortunately you do need a juicer for this one.


8 carrots
1/2 bell pepper

1 small red apple

1 lime

Small piece of ginger

Pop everything in the juicer and away you go!   

Mmmmmm! So orange!