Oatmeal,chia and cacao raw energy bars


Looking for a recipe for some really quick and easy 5 ingredient raw energy snack?
They are gluten free (optional) have a really healthy dose of protein and provide you with that slow release sustained energy with a hint of sweetness that makes this an awesome treat and snack.

It also requires very little washing up afterwards which means more time for all the other stuff you would rather be doing.

So, grab a mixing bowl and pour the oats straight in and then basically dumb all the other ingredients on top and start mixing. Make sure you blend everything really well, I often get my hands in there to knead it all together.
I use a nice rectangular shaped tupperware to shape the bars and store them all in the same place. But you can use a baking tin.
Pour the mixed ingredients into you baking tray and press the ingredients into each corner and flatten it down on the top.

Chill for an hour in the fridge. Remove from the tray and slice into bar shaped slices.

These keep in the fridge very well for up to 2 weeks, however they probably wont last that long.

Easy to pack and transport.



2 cups of oats (I used gluten free)
3 large tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter(you can use smooth but the crunchy is nice for extra texture)
2 tablespoons of agave syrup (honey is a good option if you don’t have agave,less or more depending how sweet you like it)
4 cacao beans-morter and pestel to ground them into cacao nibs.
1 tablespoon of chia seeds


6 reasons to treat yourself to a wellness retreat on Inis Maan

# Escape your daily routine. Inis Maan is far from the hustle and bustle of modern life, feel instantly transported to a simpler time with the gentle sound of birds chirping, green fields, charming stone walls and nearby rolling waves.


# Eat cuisine prepared by Vilma our famous chef who takes pride in her food and makes clever use of local ingredients.


# Restore allow us to treat and pamper you with goodness. Beautiful en-suite rooms.

Restorative yoga with exceptional yoga teachers, who are dedicated to the study of yoga and take care and joy in their work adapting classes to suit each individual needs and levels.

Treat yourself to a holistic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy massage or sports massage by our resident holistic ITEC, AIT certified therapist who holds a diploma in Diet and nutrition, the treatment are focusedon wellness in relation to the different body systems and specialised for the individual.

# Grow or develop your yoga practice, wether you are new to yoga or a yogaholic Inis Maan retreat will be a great place to build strength and flexibility and immerse yourself in a practice unique to you.

# Unwind, Inis Maan is the perfect place to feel as though you can completely unplug, the vast open skies and sense of stillness induces a sense of peace which is incomparable.


# Meet new friends and like minded people our group meals and guided walks to places of natural beauty and historical sites allow you share in new and enjoyable experiences with new friends.

Nourishing Food

DSC_0100 DSC_0092

In 1993 Vilma Conneely moved to Inis Meáin, she is the chef and proprietor of Tig Conghaile. She is originally from Guatemala a tropical country in Central America. She met Padraig Conneely an Inis Meáin native in San Francisco while they were both living and working there, they fell in love and Padraig convinced Vilma to move to his home the island which he always held close to his heart.

Padraig is a fisherman and the sea is where he feels most at home, when he is not out in his boat on the open sea he is in his garden, he grows vegetables in the traditional fashion rows of perfectly hand ploughed soil, and seaweed as a natural fertiliser which gives a richness to the golden spuds that emerge from the ground which needs to be tasted.

Vilma cook´s with as many of the local ingredients from the island as possible, her style of cooking is a blend of the flavours of her own cultural background and the beautiful ingredients grown or caught on the West Coast of Ireland, it will fill you with goodness as she loves to cook and loves to use fresh ingredients the meals she prepares are nutritious but even more importantly delicious. During the Nourish weekend all the meals will be prepared with love by Vilma. May 29th– 31st and July 17th– 19th check out the blog for further details http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-yoga-food-massage/

Nourish, Yoga, Massage Weekend, Inis Maan

Nourish Weekend corrected

Two nights stay in in the unique setting of Inis Maan Aran Islands. The island is the middle of the three Aran Islands, it is the most peaceful of the three islands which lends itself to a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

The weekend will be a holistic event based on nourishing the body, mind and soul. All the food will be prepared by Vilma the well- known Guatemalan chef and proprietor of Tig Conghaile the BandB and restaurant where the weekend will be set . The rooms are all en-suite. The food will be all made in house using as many nutritious local ingredients as possible. The location looks out onto the Atlantic with stunning views of the cliffs of Moher.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be yoga which will be led by Lisa and John two wonderful Galway based yoga instructors who teach vinyasa synergy yoga which is a safe, strength building and energising style of yoga.

Also included in the weekend is one treatment of either a holistic massage or reflexology. The treatments will be provided by excellent ITEC qualified holistic therapists. The benefits of massage and reflexology are both excellent treatments for both relaxing and detoxifying the body.



Arrive on the evening ferry www.aranislandferries.com/ The boat departs from Ros a´Mhíl and a bus can be boarded from Galway city to take you directly to the boat.

Dinner on arrival followed by tea


Morning detox Juice, wake up yoga, breakfast, slot yourself in for a massage or reflexology treatment, free time to explore the picturesque sights of the island, Lunch, yoga in the afternoon, dinner. Herbal tea


Morning detox juice, morning yoga, breakfast, enjoy a stroll or a quick dip in the sea at the beach which is 5 minute walk from the property, lunch before getting ready to depart on the afternoon ferry.

Iced green tea cocunut water

So as usual, the Irish summer provides a mixed bag of sunny spells with always the chance for rain,so on these inbetween days of general gloominess and yet again not a glimmer of sun, I have been inspired to create a simple and refreshing treat which to taste reminds me of far off tropical lands. Also great for the skin and to keep the blues away.

Ingredients :

Cocunut water

Green tea

1 orange

So first i boiled up a brew of my favourite green tea, poured it into an ice cube tray. And left to freeze for about an hour. Green tea has a multitude of benefits, it contains Theamine which gives us a natural relaxing sensation, regular consumption is thought to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. And because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it is suppose to keep the skin looking good!

Get your cocunut water, check the label for ingredients try to get one that is as natural as possible. Coconut water is a great source of potassium, this is a vital ingredient for the body for proper hydration, it can even help counter act some of the nasty side effects of a high sodium diet.

A squeeze and some slices of orange, oranges keep your skin healthy, as they are full of beta-carotene an anti-oxidant which protects the cells from damage. And they are full of polyphenols which protect against viral infection.

I think mint would be a great addition to this mix, but unfortunately my mint plant has not yet sprouted.

Mix all the ingredients in a jug and enjoy with friends!Image



Sesame Cracker (Free from gluten)

Beautiful Irish summer´s day! the rain pelting down on the windows and the wind rising up from the sea, what better place to be then in the warm shelter of the kitchen trying out some recipe´s, some old tried and tested, some mediocre brainwaves and some succesful experimentation. One I feel was a particular success, which i will share here and now.

Gluten Free Sesame Seed Crackers


1 1/4 cup of gluten free flour

Around about 9 tbs of chick pea flour

5-6 tbs sesame seeds

2 tbs of dark brown sugar

1 1/2 tsp  baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

1 tsp pink himalayan salt

6 tbs pomace oil

1/2 cup soya or almond milk

Right, so, grab a mixing bowl measure out all your ingredients and mix them all together adding the olive oil and milk last. I poured the milk in little by little, you dont want it too wet, or you just can´t work it(but you can always add more flour if this happens)

Mix it all together,I used my hands, just to knead it all together into a nice ball of dough.

I rolled it out between two sheets of baking parchment, in my attempt to achieve even thickness, it almost worked. Each cracker turned out even but not necessarily uniform with it´s neighbour cracker .

Cut them out in whatever shape you like, even, uneven, with a biscuit cutter(I used one of these) or otherwise.

I spread semolina on my baking trays,not only does it help too stop the crackers from sticking,it gives you a nice and different texture on the underside of the cracker. And then I layed them out on the tray.

I baked them for around about 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 175 degrees C.  Throwing an eye on them from time to time. They get toasty fast, faster  depending on how thin you make them.

They are instantly crispy and delicious,place them on a tray to cool, topped with any one of your favourite sweet or savoury toppings or just on their own, n´yum!